declare de‧clare [dɪˈkleə ǁ -ˈkler] verb [transitive]
1. to make something known officially to the public:

• Shares in the company, which declared a £216 million loss, fell 712p to 334p.

• Two dominant companies have declared major redundancy programmes in the course of restructuring.

2. declare an interest COMMERCE to officially state that you are connected with something and that this might affect the decisions you make about it:

• If a director is involved in any way with the contractor, he or she is required to declare his interest at the meeting of the board.

3. declare somebody bankrupt LAW to state officially that a person or company is unable to pay all their debts:

• The consequences of being declared bankrupt would be harsh and severe.

4. declare bankruptcy COMMERCE LAW to state officially that you are unable to pay your debts:

• The new law established a mechanism to declare bankruptcy.

5. declare an option FINANCE to state whether or not you are accepting an option that you hold
6. declare a dividend FINANCE when a company declares a dividend, it says that it will pay a dividend to its shareholders:

• Before declaring a dividend, the trustee must give notice of his intention to do so to all creditors.

7. TAX to make an official statement saying how much money you have earned, what property you own etc:

• A lot of childcare is in the black economy, with carers not declaring their cash payments.

• Rent received from the property must be declared for tax.

8. to formally say that something is done, open, closed etc:

• I now declare this factory open.

• Anything else? No? Then I declare the meeting closed.

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declare UK US /dɪˈkleər/ verb [T]
to make a public or official statement about something: »

All pre-existing health conditions should be declared to your insurer.


After the acquittal, CEO, Bill Peters, declared: ""We feel vindicated.""

declare (that) »

The Serious Fraud Office is expected to declare that it will be conducting further investigations.

declare sb/sth (to be) sth »

The WTO issued an interim ruling declaring the subsidies illegal.

declare yourself to be sth »

Silverjet, the transatlantic business airline, has declared itself carbon-neutral.

declare a ban/moratorium on sth »

In times of crisis the industry must declare a moratorium on aggressive marketing and sales tactics.

declare bankruptcy »

If restrictions on air travel are enforced, several of the large airlines may be forced to declare bankruptcy.

declare sb bankrupt »

Figures released by the bank showed almost 12,000 companies had been declared bankrupt in the third quarter of the year.

TAX to make a written statement to the tax authorities containing information about money you have earned, shares you have bought, etc.: »

Winterway Investments have declared a 14.6% stake in the new corporation.


Companies who fail to declare their accounts on time are breaking the law.

declare earnings/profits/losses »

Many eBay traders are unaware that they have to declare their earnings.

TAX, TRANSPORT to tell customs that you are bringing goods into a country on which you have to pay tax: »

The green channel is for those passengers with nothing to declare.

declare an interest/a conflict of interest(s) — Cf. declare an interests
declare a dividend — Cf. declare a dividend

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